Thursday, 23 March 2017

How could a libertarian communist society meet people’s needs and desires?

Libertarian Socialist Discussion Meeting 7.00pm, Wednesday 29th March

at the Regent Sports & Social Club
102 Regent Road, Leicester LE1 7DA

What are the objections to a communist/anarchist/socialist society and how can they be responded to? 

While not wanting to be all misty-eyed and utopian about things, especially given the current low level of class consciousness, it’s still worth looking at what we would ultimately like to see in place of the barbaric system we live under now.

So given that such a society has never existed, what might communism look like?  Could it possibly work? If so, how would it work?  What kind of problems might a stateless, society based on the principle of “from each according to their ability to each according to their needs” face? 

Organised by Leicester group of the Anarchist Federation

Saturday, 18 March 2017

New Leicestershire Resistance bulletin out NOW!

Leicester AF has recently produced the Spring 2017 issue of Leicestershire Resistance with articles on: 
  • Neo-liberalism, Corbyn and left-wing capitalist illusions of grandeur
  • Leicester libertarian socialist discussion
  • Leics IWW is back!
  • Leicester Social Forum news
Copies of Leicestershire Resistance are free and can be picked up from Tin Drum Books, 68 Narborough Road LE3 0BR

Copies of our magazine Organise! are also available at Tin Drum.

Friday, 3 March 2017

Update - forthcoming libertarian socialist discussion meetings

Organised by Leicester group of 
the Anarchist Federation
Meetings take place
each month 
at the
Regent Sports & Social Club 
102 Regent Road
Leicester LE1 7DA

7.00pm on Wednesday 29th March
How could a libertarian communist society meet people’s needs and desires?
What are the objections to a communist/anarchist/socialist society and how can they be responded to? 

7.00pm on Tuesday 25th April 
What is council communism? Is it still relevant today?
And no, we're not talking about the red flag flying from the roof of your local town hall but about the left-communist current that Lenin referred to as an "infantile disorder" and which influenced organisations such as...
                                            ...the Anarchist Federation!

7.00pm on Wednesday 24th May years on from the Barcelona May Days and the counter revolution during the Spanish Civil War.
When the Stalinists turned their guns on the revolutionary workers.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Notes from our Russian revolution meeting...

Though attendance was a little smaller than last month due to an unfortunate clash with a Leicester Social Forum event at the same time, the meeting nevertheless went well. The discussion was led off by a left communist friend of the local AF, who gave a solid background to the 1917 events in  Russia. Key points in the ensuing discussion were:
  • 1917 was a seminal moment in world revolutionary proletarian history
  • it is perhaps mistaken to think of it as the "Russian revolution" as it was a catalyst for uprisings, mutinies and revolutions in many other places (e.g. Germany, Hungary, Italian factory councils, etc.)
  • its failure, and the subsequent failure of revolutionary movements elsewhere were ultimately a failure of "socialism in one country" (or more accurately, state capitalism in one geographical location)
  • the workers councils (soviets) were a major contribution to revolutionary movements (although to be fair, the councils go back to 1905)
  • the taming of the soviets by the bolsheviks, the repression of Kronstadt and the makhnovschina were all mentioned
The massive influence of the Russian revolution on the years between 1917 and now are unquestionable. It led to:
  • the bolshevisation or leninisation of the more revolutionary wing of the international workers' movement
  • this bolshevisation/leninisation included revolutionary groups and movements of various tendencies (including anarchists)
  • the dominance of the Comintern and Stalinist tyranny, etc, led to the deformation of revolutionary politics and has left concepts such as socialism or communism as tainted, damaged
  • pro-revolutionary ideas, groups and movements are still recovering from this
  • the apparent death of class consciousness, the general lack of collective working class awareness and the dwindling of revolutionary groups and ideas is a probable repercussion of the failure of 1917 and after
  • the dire state of the world we see today is ultimately evidence of the failure of 1917

Saturday, 18 February 2017

100th anniversary of the Russian revolution - February discussion meeting

Libertarian Socialist Discussion Meeting

Organised by the Leicester Group of the Anarchist Federation

Wednesday 22nd February
7pm at the Regent Sports & Social Club

102 Regent Road
Leicester LE1 7DA

As February 2017 marks one hundred years since the start of the Russian revolution, we ask what we can learn from it and what has been its effect on revolutionary ideas and action and the wider workers’ movement  from 1917 to the present.